5G mobile services are expected to be launched within the next month: MoS Telecom

India is expected to implement locally developed as well as manufactured 5G telecom equipment by the end of this year in order to offer 5G services.

5G mobile services are expected to be launched within the next month: MoS Telecom

The long-awaited 5G high-speed services are set to be available within a matter of a month the Secretary of State for Telecom Devusinh Chauhan told reporters in a statement on 8 August.

In his address at the launch at the ITU's Regional Standardisation Forum (RSF) for the Asia as well as the Oceania region The event was attended by Mr. Chauhan stated that India is expected to implement indigenously designed as well as manufactured 5G telecom equipment before the end of the year in order to provide 5G services.

"In about a month, 5G mobile services will roll out in the country, which will have multiplier effects on the development of all sectors. A 6G Technology Innovations Group, has also been set up, which is working towards the development of indigenous 6G stack," Mr. Chauhan explained.

The government is pushing for the locally developed, designed and manufactured technology for advanced telecom and, as a result, India today has a robust and well-developed 5G mobile communications ecosystem.

"We have developed a fully indigenous 5G test bed, which will facilitate testing of 5G network elements. By the end of this year, we are likely to see indigenously developed, and manufactured 5G stack, getting deployed in rolling out 5G network in India," Minister Rajan said.

India's biggest auction ever for telecom spectrum, which ended in August (Monday) received a record Rs1.5 lakh crore in bids in total, including Mukesh Ambani's Jio dominating more than half of the spectrum sold, with a bid of Rs88.078 crore.

The Minister stated that the rise in the Indian telecom industry is a result of the policies that promote market competition that are in place by the Modi Government.

"We initiated a number of structural and procedural reforms in the telecom sector. These reforms have created a very positive, and forward-looking environment for the telecom industry. As a result, a recent 5G spectrum auction in India has fetched bids of $20 billion (Rs 1.5 lakh crore)," Mr. Chauhan told.

He stated the Indian engineers have created the 5G standards to help spread the 5G network to rural areas.

The Department of Telecommunications also hosted an exhibit at the venue for the forum to display the diverse digital services and products of India.