A platform for technology to connect retired entrepreneurs, MSMEs

Hyderabad startup is bringing in IIT Guwahati students, eyeing the launch in March 2023.

A platform for technology to connect retired entrepreneurs, MSMEs

It's like every other startup, offering an innovative technology solution to an issue statement, but the difference is the target market is people who are retired from the military and MSMEs who are keen to leverage the experience of these older people.

The relationship with senior citizens for Guide'S-ME Consultancy Services the Hyderabad-based company, goes deeper since a couple of its founders are retired professionals with years and years of expertise in their preferred sector of work.

It was designed as a single-stop-shop solution that connects professionals who are retired as well as micro, small and large enterprises (MSMEs) in mutually beneficial terms. SeniorExperts.in is the company's tech platform, is currently enrolled with 16,000 people and 570 companies. "Right now it is in Beta version... [roll out] planned by March 2023," states C.S.Chalam who is one of the co-founders. He adds that initially the web-based application, and later the app will go live.

He spoke at the time of signing an MoU this morning between both the company and Technical Board of IIT Guwahati. The MoU will provide students of the Institute by providing them with experience in project work as they are able to use the tech platform used by the startup.

This is a win-win situation for everyone involved as chairman of the Board and Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry Chivukula V. Sastri stated. "Cream of the Technical Board IIT-Guwahati from multi-disciplines will develop a futuristic and robust product. This is probably the first experiment where the student body of an educational institute is directly working with industry," the professor declared in a statement.

In the MoU the students will focus to improve the performance of various aspects of SeniorExperts.in and then offer technical support. The contract is for three years and can be renewed with mutual agreement the co-founder of the company Anil Kumar Siddu said.

The main goal is to bring together retired people who are looking to get back into the workforce and companies that are looking to recruit these experienced experts on a project-based basis. In response to questions about the company, the Mr. Chalam said the bootstrapped Guide's-ME Consultancy Service could be eligible to a pre-series funding that will raise $1 million. certain investors have already shown interest.